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PostSubject: PC Gaming Thread   PC Gaming Thread EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 6:33 pm

This is a thread for people who play games on PC to talk about/share their PC gaming stories, or talk about PC games and what games they like and don't like for PC. I will also post stuff about PC gaming.


[b][color=red]NEW[/color][/b] In the sea of free-to-play games, you need fresh gameplay to stand out. Five-versus-five PvP? Been there, done that. With Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes, the latest venture under EA’s Play4Free banner, BioWare Mythic is taking a stab at an entirely new approach—6v6v6. Three teams, one map, and six heroes per side makes for a whole lot of chaos, and we’ve our hands dirty with blood and goblin guts inside it over the past several months. Read our impressions inside, and if WoH sounds like a raucous good time to you, joining the ongoing open beta is just a few clicks away.

[b][color=red]NEW[/color][/b] Riot Games’ primary domain manager, MarkMonitor, has just snatched up a ton of URLs all involving two key phrases: “League of Legends” and “Supremacy.” What do we know so far, what could this mystery announcement be, and how far off is it? We take a look at all the facts and speculation inside.

[b][color=red]NEW[/color][/b] Valve has the power to convert violence into heat. Mining the data of 6.5 million shots fired so far in the CS:GO version of de_train, Valve’s output is a heat map that’s filterable based on team and two weapon types. “Heat maps can reveal player preferences, choke-points in maps, sight-lines for snipers, and much more,” Valve says. My takeaways: assault rifles account for 47 percent of shots fired; CTs fire a little more than Terrorists; the top-right lane shows near-perfect symmetry for sniper rifle kills; the most trigger-pulling happens in the left-side access hallways, probably from frantically finding an enemy after turning a corner.

[b][color=red]NEW[/color][/b] From China today, we’ve received a blast of screens and a trailer for Mercenary Ops, an Unreal 3, multiplayer, PC-only third-person shooter developed in the east with the west clearly in mind.

If anybody would like any video links for any of these, I will send the specific person asking the link or post it on here.

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PC Gaming Thread
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